Using wallet wisely


Wallet or Purse money is important in life because you have to keep the money and cards in one place.

Therefore, you should pay attention to the wallet with more the techniques below.

 + Count of profit the wallet before leaving the home at all times.

You should know the total amount of money before paying the expenses of the day.

 + Do not have the money in your wallet too much.

Many people choose to keep out all the salaries in the wallet at one time. There was a huge risk if a pickpocket or Wallet missing early.   So, you should put enough money in the pocket only spending weekly.   Enables better cost and risk when losing a lot of money at one time.

+ Separate bills from each big and small.

Wallets must have kept notes of 2 channels, one store big bills and another for smaller bills.  It lets you know the total amount easier on the pocket. The coins from the toll, we recommend keeping in the small pocket for paying in convenience store.